How to Use IoT in iOS 11 for Mobile App Development

How to Use IoT in iOS 11 for Mobile App Development?

When multiple internet operated electronic devices like smartwatches, webcams, monitors, tablets, PCs, etc., are collectively referred, and then a terminology called ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) comes into existence. IoT is turning out to be the technology of the future as various enterprises have embraced it – according to IDC prediction, in 2020 around $1 trillion […]

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Where the Future of IoT in Healthcare is Heading?

IoT or Internet of Things is the revolutionary idea that connects mechanical and digital machines or computing devices and enables them to transfer data over a network without human interaction. As communication between day-to-day devices becomes autonomous, IoT makes everything from automobile to household appliances, smart. Nowadays, the use of IoT in healthcare is a […]

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