Laravel vs. Codeigniter

Laravel vs. Codeigniter: Which Is a Better PHP Framework in 2022?

PHP is a modern and flexible web development framework to create powerful web applications. As of December 2021, 78.1% of website server-side operations are running over PHP.


Today, there are abundant kinds of PHP frameworks available to fasten up the web development process. But Laravel and Codeigniter are the two most popular PHP frameworks.


Are you confused about whether to use Laravel web development services or Codeigniter web development services in 2022? Then, this post will walk you through the Laravel vs. Codeigniter difference to help you select the best PHP frameworks.


What is Laravel?


Laravel is an open-source PHP framework developed for full web development by Taylor Otwell. It is based on the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture.


Laravel developers can easily perform various web development tasks, such as routing, caching, rationalizing sessions, and authentication. This language helps to build web applications with pre-defined architecture, templates, logic, and full-stack apps.


What is Codeigniter?


Codeigniter is a rich PHP framework with a minimal digital footprint for developers who prefer clean and simple programming language. It is a full-featured website development platform developed by EllisLab in 2006.


This framework provides complete freedom to developers’ work without restricting their creativity to MVC development patterns. Codeigniter works well with third-party plugins that allow developers to deploy complex functionalities.


Reasons to Use Laravel Web Development Services 


Laravel is a quite popular PHP framework with over 705,575 live Laravel websites. Today, hiring a Laravel developer can help you with:


Open-source solution 


Laravel is the open-source framework that allows developers to create innovative websites using various templates. Despite being open-source, the framework is frequently updated, and custom models are added for smooth web development.


Blade template engine 


The Blade template engine is installed on Laravel that helps in data management and source code processing. This tool provides control to display content and design website layout.


MVC architecture 


Laravel framework is based on the MVC architecture that allows Laravel developers to code web applications in a systematic manner. It is a powerful application divided into three layers – Model, View, and Control.




Testing is one of the crucial aspects of the website development process. The Laravel framework provides excellent testing support using Selenium and Laravel Dusk to ensure flawless coding.


High-end security 


Laravel has various security elements that provide security against SQL, CSRF, or SQL injection. A dedicated Laravel developer can create a highly secure codebase.


Supports various applications 


Laravel development framework is fast, flexible, and customizable that is perfect for complex workflow and projects like eCommerce, web applications, and more.


Reasons to Use Codeigniter Web Development Services 


Today, hiring a Codeigniter developer can help you build simple and elegant web applications using innovative ideas. This PHP framework comes with various properties and tools, such as:


Open-source and free 


The best thing about Codeigniter is that it is a free and open-source web development solution. If you are looking for an affordable web development solution, Codeigniter is the best one.




Codeigniter provides step-by-step testing facilities to developers. Codeigniter developers can effectively test web development projects using various performance levels.


Easy to use 


Codeigniter is the easiest PHP framework to use. You simply have to download the latest Codeigniter version and unzip the folder, and you are ready to create a website with Codeigniter.


Secure portal 


If you are looking for a secure website or app, Codeigniter can protect your applications from several cyber threats. Codeigniter comes with several rock-solid security features and functions. It has high-end encryption and decryption facilities that empower developers to manage data effectively.


Less code 


Another reason to use Codeigniter web development services is that you can complete development with less code. A fewer codebase means fewer errors and reduced debugging time. Also, less codebase will improve the performance of your website and make it lightweight.


Dynamic templates 


Codeigniter offers various pre-built templates to simplify the web development process. Codeigniter’s built-in template engines will enable developers to better understand the project layout from the initial stage.


Popular Laravel Development Projects 


Laravel is a stable web development framework with several benefits. Today, many big and small website development companies are using Laravel to develop robust websites. Some of the popular Laravel based websites are Fox47, Explore Georgia, Toyota Hall of Fame, Startups, Yulair, and many more.


Popular Codeigniter Development Projects 


Codeigniter developers are in high demand nowadays. It is the most influential PHP open-source framework that can produce highly complex and innovative web applications for small and big businesses.


It is a perfect eCommerce website development platform. Today, many popular websites are running on Codeigniter, such as Casio, Nissan, Buffer, McClatchy, Bonfire, and many more.


Should Hire Laravel or Codeigniter Developer? 


Laravel and Codeigniter are two different PHP frameworks designed for different use cases. Laravel allows web developers to benefit from the eloquent object-relational mapping ORM. On the flip side, Codeigniter developers need to form and upload the modules using modular extensions that offer better freedom to work.


Overall, both PHP frameworks are great for a particular web development project. Therefore, at Arthonsys, we request clients define their web development requirements first and then hire expert Codeigniter or Laravel developers.


We also allow you to hire offshore Laravel and Codeigniter developers to wrap your project fast and within your budget. You can drop your website development requirements with our professional team to know whether Codeigniter or Laravel developers can help you.


All in all, Laravel and Codeigniter PHP frameworks are worth trying in 2022.