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Travel App Development Cost in 2022 – A Definitive Guide

Nearly two-thirds of travellers use mobile apps during their travels.


In 2018, 24% of mobile travel apps were downloaded worldwide.


65% of global travel and tourism revenue comes from online sales.


From planning a trip to booking flights or hotel rooms, there are plenty of different travel mobile apps available today.


In short, travel mobile apps are raging right now. All you need today is a unique travel and tourism app development plan to grow your online travel business.


However, it is a common myth among people that travel mobile app development is expensive and technical. But that’s not true.


You can easily customize travel mobile app development costs as per your budget. Also, you simply have to hire professional travel app developers, and they will handle all the technical tasks for you.


Below, we have calculated the travel app development cost step by step. This will help you understand how you can develop a technical and feature-rich mobile app within your budget. So, let’s get started.


Travel App Development Cost Calculation Factors


Arthonsys is a popular travel mobile app development company in the USA and India. Therefore, we often receive queries about the travel app development cost estimations from around the globe.


But unfortunately, there are no fixed travel and tourism mobile app development charges that we can share with our clients. There are numerous factors that determine the mobile app development cost. Thus, it is vital to first define those factors to know the exact travel app development services cost:


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Number of Features 


How many features do you want to add to your travel app? This is the first factor that helps to calculate the travel app cost.


Nowadays, a variety of features are embedded to travel apps, such as:


  • Travel planning features include trip schedules, destination search, travel guides, booking e-tickets, storing travel documents, and more.


  • Camera integration for travelers to create their visual travel diaries and share their travel images on social media.


  • In-app booking features to book flights, hotel rooms, train tickets, cab rides, and other local activities. This feature helps travelers to book everything in advance.


  • Navigation and maps are important travel app features that guide travelers to find their way in foreign locations.


  • Reviews and ratings help users to choose the hotels, transport, and other travel services.


  • Integrated translation features to allow travelers to communicate with local people.


  • Local helpline and emergency contact services.


  • Weather forecast to help travelers understand the local climatic conditions before going out.


  • Local hotspot places have information like clubs, shopping canters, etc.


Travel App Development Company Location


Besides these features, the next vital factor that determines travel app development cost is the location of your development company.


For example, an average mobile app developer in the USA charges $150 per hour. On the contrary, in India, this cost will be around $50 per hour.


This price variation can be seen due to the global economic difference. The economic conditions in India are less strong than in the US, which results in a lower pay rate in India.


Thus, if you hire travel mobile app developers from India, your mobile app will get developed within your budget.


Number of Professional Working in a Team


Travel mobile app development isn’t a single-person job. A full-stack mobile app development team works together to design and develop an application.


Thus, the number of professionals working on your app development determines its cost. Generally, a travel mobile app development team includes developers, designers, QA engineers, and project managers.


Another factor that can increase or decrease the travel app development cost is the experience level of your development team. For example, if you hire a travel mobile app developer with 2 to 3 years of experience, it will cost you less than hiring a professional who has over five years of experience.


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Travel Mobile App Development Tech Stack


The level of technologies you wish to include in your mobile app also helps to calculate the development cost. These days high-tech travel mobile apps are available in the market like Tripadvisor, TripCase, MakeMyTrip, OYO rooms, Goibibo, and many more.


If you wish to create this caliber of travel app, these technologies are required:


  • JavaScript, CSS, and HTML programming languages to make client-side interfaces.
  • Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js, and .NET to build the backend side of the application.
  • There are also many other advanced technologies used to build robust travel apps like AI, Blockchain, VR, and more.


Mobile App Development Platforms 


The mobile app development platform that you have selected to develop a travel mobile app also contributes to its cost. Mostly, mobile apps are developed for Android and iOS mobile platforms as the majority of the market share is captured by them.


The mobile app development cost for both platforms is different because separate skills and technologies are required to build Android and iOS apps. In contrast, if you wish to create a hybrid travel app to run on both OS, it will even cost you higher.


Travel App Development


How Much Does Travel App Development Costs? 


Once the above-mentioned factors are defined, a travel app development company can share the exact development cost with you. However, if you are looking for a rough estimation, a basic travel mobile app development can cost anywhere between $50,000-$150,000.


Now, there’s no need to panic. At Arthonsys, we can easily find a way to develop a powerful travel and tourism app within your budget. You simply have to share your app requirements and budget with us, and our team will develop your app in no time. So, hurry and contact us today!