Practo Clone App Development Cost

How Much Practo Clone App Development Costs?

Due to the pandemic crisis, the healthcare app market is booming right now. In fact, the health application market will reach $64,331 million by 2027.


Among all the leading healthcare apps in India, Practo has grown a lot during the pandemic. As per some reports, the Practo revenue rate hit $2 billion in 2020.


So, if you also want to develop a Practo clone app to boost your revenue, first understand how much Practo clone app development will cost you?


Factors Determining Practo Clone App Development Cost


To create a robust health app like Practo or ZocDoc, you need a powerful and resourceful mobile app development team. A team like Arthonsys can help you embed new technologies, features, and functions into your app.


Besides this, there are many other things that determine the Practo clone app costing. So, let’s understand Practo clone script costing in detail.


Features of Your Healthcare App 


Features are the main point that determines how much it will cost to develop an app. Usually, your mobile app development can better suggest to you how much adding a certain feature will cost you.


Mostly, healthcare apps like Practo and ZocDoc are based on a patient-centric model. Following features are the main part of these apps:


Easy registration 


Your Practo clone app needs simple doctor and patient registration portals. Make sure to keep the registration process simple with minimal hassle for your users.


Doctor booking 


Booking doctors appointments is an important feature for patients. This feature should be easy to navigate and access by your users.


Different consultation mode 


The app should allow users to book a consultation in different modes like audio, video, or text. You need to include high-quality live chat options also in your app for consultation.


Social media integration 


Allow your users to integrate their app profiles with social media accounts.


Multiple payment gateways 


Today, it is vital to provide different payment options to patients. You need to also embed auto invoice generation features to your app for fast and transparent transactions.


Medicine delivery 


Ordering medicines online has spiked a lot lately in India. In fact, many health-tech apps are only focused on medicines delivery. Thus, you have to create an option on the app where patients can load doctors’ perceptions and shop for medicines within the app. For this, you also have to develop a vendor dashboard for local pharmacies to register with your app.


Digital health records 


You have to link your mobile app to a cloud storage space to accommodate patients’ health records. In addition to this, you need to develop a high-end security system to protect your users’ confidential data.


Doctor listings 


Your app needs a section containing all information about doctors along with their certifications. This will help users to select the right health service providers based on illness, budget, or location.




Users should be able to add reviews for the service providers and rate service quality.




It is an important feature for patients to locate doctors and physicians at a particular location.


Appointment notifications 


Proctor clone app also needs a notification feature to send messages about upcoming appointments or offers to users.




Your App’s Tech Stack 


After the features, technologies that you plan to embed into your app, also determine its cost. In the Practo app, around 72 different technologies and services are used, including:


  • HTML5
  • Google Analytics
  • jQuery
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • Swift
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Celery
  • Mailgun
  • Amazon SNS and many more.


Therefore, you have to select the tech stack for your Practo clone app to evaluate the exact development cost.


Location of Your Development Team 


You need a full-stack team to get ready a Practo clone script, including healthcare app developers, designers, testers, and many other executives.


If you hire individual team members, it will cost you a lot. Thus, you should hire a complete team with experience in healthcare mobile app development.


Secondly, the location of your mobile app development team plays a crucial role in development costs. For example, hiring experienced iOS and Android mobile app developers in the US or Canada will cost you around $50 to $150 per hour.


In contrast, if you hire an equal caliber of developers in India, it can cost you around $25 to $50 per hour. So, you can minimize your Practo clone app development cost by hiring a development team from India.


At Arthonsys, we often develop healthcare applications on-demand and on a custom budget. You can share your healthcare app requirements with our team to develop Practo like apps within your budget.


Other Factors Determining Practo Clone App Development Cost 


Apart from the location, features, and tech stack, there are plenty of other features that determine mobile app development costs, such as:


  • Mobile app development platforms like iOS, Android, or hybrid
  • The level of complexity you want to add to your app’s features also influence the cost
  • The UI and UX components of your app
  • Backend and frontend infrastructure requirements
  • The utilization of the advanced technologies like AI, VR, AR, and others
  • Security and storage elements
  • Cost of mobile app maintenance
  • Experience level of the healthcare mobile app development team, etc.


How Much Does It Exactly Cost to Develop a Practo Clone App?


Practo is a popular healthcare app in India with over 12,999,732 monthly users. So, to make an app of that caliber, you have to spend around $15,000 to $20,000 or even more.


You can customize your price range based on the features or technical elements. But for a successful app like Practo and ZocDoc, you should keep your budget a little open.


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