AI in Transportation

AI in Transportation: How’s AI Revamping Transportation and Logistics Industry?

Artificial intelligence has been furious lately. Today, AI is part of every business industry and replacing monotone business tasks with automation.


You won’t believe it, but AI will contribute $15.7 trillion by 2030, which is more than the collective output of China and India.


Among all the industries, AI in transportation is going up every second you are reading this post. By 2030, AI contribution in the transportation and logistics industry will reach $10.30 billion   .




So, yeah, AI in the travel and transport sector is booming. And here, if you plan to grow your transportation business, you better book an appointment with AI development services now.


However, before searching for the best artificial intelligence solutions to boost your business, let’s first understand where AI in transportation is taking the world.


Applicable Areas of AI in Transportation 


As per Mckinsey research, AI in the transportation and logistics industry has targeted four main sections:


  • Service operations
  • Product and service development
  • Marketing and sales
  • Supply chain management


Collectively all these segments comprise 87% of the transportation workload. That means AI has overtaken the transportation sector to the brink. Here are the user areas where AI in transportation working today:


Live tracking and routing


AI-based live tracking and routing are the two vital features that fleet managers are relishing today. Live tracking can tell travel history, route, climate, and other things that can create problems for drivers. Routing can better map out the travel route to avoid accidents and predict the exact delivery time.


Driver behavior analysis 


For years, transportation businesses have complained about the reckless behavior of drivers on the road. Now, with AI-based driver behavior analytical and virtual solutions, it has become possible for travel services to manage drivers in real-time. These programs share minute reports of drivers’ behavior with managers allowing them to better manage drivers remotely.


Predictive service and maintenance


Fleet managers can now better manage their vehicles using AI in travel and transport services. There are several automatic vehicles available today that share servicing and maintenance reports. This allows managers to service their machines on time and improve their lifespan.


Security and surveillance solutions


AI-powered visual inspection and surveillance applications have empowered the transportation industry to a great extent. Today, all types of transportation vehicles are embedded with high-end security features. This has reduced fleet mishaps and illegal activities like theft dramatically.


Recruitment automation 


Transporters are always looking for technical employees to manage the business operations. Especially, highly experienced drivers are required in the transportation and logistics services. AI can help with testing and shortlisting eligible staff members using psychometric testing, skill assessment, and other tools.


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How Can AI Help Your Transportation Business – Advantages of AI in Transportation 


AI is everywhere in the transportation and logistics industry today. But how can it benefit your travel and tourism business? Let’s check that out:


Improved sustainability 


Artificial intelligence solutions can help you practice green initiatives in your business. Using AI maintenance tools, you can reduce your carbon emissions and fuel consumption level. You can protect the environment while growing your business with AI.


Better consumer experience 


AI helps you track and monitor your fleets in real-time. This further facilitates you to provide timely delivery and high-quality services to your customers. You can share real-time location details with your customers to make sure their goods are delivered on time. Secondly, you can ensure your driver won’t drive recklessly and damage the passengers or goods in any way.




Yes, artificial intelligence is a cost-effective solution. You simply have to invest in AI transportation applications for once. Then, the tool will reduce the time your staff spent on doing a task manually. Also, automation will eliminate errors and help you deliver the best results.


Timely deliveries 


Making deliveries on time is the main transportation business concern. To have a competitive edge, you must provide timely deliveries to your customers. Here AI tracking and monitoring solutions can help you ensure that you are delivering your services on time.


Correct order completion 


In this supply chain curve, transportation holds a very important place. Transporters’ responsibility is to deliver goods between manufacturing and retail operations to maintain a proper supply chain flow. In this, AI can reduce the errors in order management and make sure that all orders are delivered properly.



Propelling AI Transportation Applications That You Can Use Today


Are you excited to use artificial intelligence solutions in your business? If yes, there are plenty of different applications of AI in transportation available for you, such as:


Autonomous vehicles 


Autonomous vehicles or driverless cars are the next big breakthrough of technology. And AI is playing a big part in autonomous vehicles. Artificial intelligence is handling real-time data transmission and processing to ensure that autonomous vehicles receive accurate data to move on the road.


Companies like Tesla, Google, and Mercedes Benz are heavily investing in autonomous vehicles today.


Delivery drones


A delivery drone is an ambitious project by Amazon. This project is still under the development phase, but if you find drones delivering your products in the coming days, don’t be shocked.


Route optimization 


AI-based freight management software allows transportation businesses to track their vehicles in real-time and finds the fastest route to complete the delivery on time. This software allows you to find the shortest, safest, and less traffic-prone route.


Valerann’s Smart Road System is an AI web-based traffic management that helps to track traffic in real-time and select your delivery truck’s route accordingly.


End-to-end back-office automation 


Business intelligence is also part of the modern travel business industry that helps to fully automate office operations. AI combined with robotic process automation (RPA), process mining, and other technologies helps to automate all back-office operations, including payroll management, scheduling, etc.




To enhance customer satisfaction levels, transport-based businesses are also using AI chatbots. The chatbots help to analyze customers’ experiences and preferences that allow businesses to provide better services to their customers. Further, chatbots allow customers to connect with companies instantly.



What’s the Future Hold for AI in Transportation?


In a word, the future of AI in the transportation industry is very bright. In the coming days, many new AI inventions for the transportation and logistics industry can be seen like:


  • Facial recognition system to control vehicles
  • Driverless cars will be more seen on the roads
  • Driver behavior monitoring software will become more robust, etc.


All in all, AI in the travel and transport sector has a bright future. So, if you want to gain a competitive edge and grow your transport business, drop by Arthonsys office today.


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