6 Key Benefits of an eCommerce Order Management Software

6 Key Benefits of an eCommerce Order Management Software

The year 2020 has changed eCommerce forever. In the first quarter of 2020, online spending had touched the mark of $82.5 billion.


Shoppers who prefer to go out to have a shopping spare – now want to shop safely from their homes’ confined environment. This customer behavioral change has pushed the eCommerce industry to provide a better customer experience to beat their competitors.


And, eCommerce order management software is part of the eCommerce customer experience bundle. As we have already discussed, the omnichannel retail approach that shows a 287% higher eCommerce purchase rate with multiple channels. Thus, with order fulfillment software, you can utilize omnichannel purchase and sale options to meet your customer expectations.


What is eCommerce Order Management Software?


An online order management system is the process of managing and fulfilling online orders. This process includes everything from printing shipping labels to subscription management.


Earlier, retailers have to rely upon the time-consuming ERP and Excel sheets to manage orders. But, the large number of online orders can’t be fulfilled with these legacy systems. Thus, to stay ahead of time, retailers need operational technologies like POS software, retail order management software, etc.


Wholesale order management system brings complete automation and integration across the platform. This facilitates brands to provide consistent customer experiences to scale up business operations. Through eCommerce order management software, orders coming from multiple sales channels and fulfilling using multiple points can be efficiently managed. With a single interface, the service provider and data aggregator can gain leverage.


Importance of Online Order Management Software


At Arthonsys, we often manage clients who have no clue about order fulfillment software. They don’t realize how a simple order management system can smoothly get their products in the hands of their customers. People forget that one product has to go through a long journey – from customer’s order, add to cart, and final arrival at the doorsteps.


Thus, the retail order management software is an integral part of our eCommerce development services because it offers –



Simplified Order Management Process


When a customer places an order on your eCommerce website, the eCommerce order management software comes into action. The moment a customer places an order – the journey ahead needs to be seamless for him. Your customer should get the order on time without any delays or problems – it is one of the vital parts of customer experience.


If there’s any glitch in the order management system, it can make your customer very unhappy. And, one unhappy customer is equal to bad mouth publicity and negative review on your website. Around 51% of consumers want real-time visibility into the order management system. So, what customers want? You have to give them.


Transparency in Customer Services


Nowadays, consumers are very smart; they want to stay informed about every step. It can be possible with regular email alerts, tracking information, and text or call delivery alerts. To keep your customers fully informed, put a wholesale order management system in the order.


With the order management system, you can keep all the customer and order information in one place. This way, you can keep your customers fully informed through a complete view across multiple sales channels. Additionally, the shipping delivery, return of the order, or even cancellation details can be easily passed across.


Easy Expansion of your Business


You should not limit your business size and never stop exploring new opportunities. Your online order management system can facilitate you to show a live inventory list to your global customers.


By acquiring global inventory control, customers can view inventory details in real-time. They can view where they can purchase and how much stock is left. If you have multiple warehouses at one location, you can easily check the product availability and swiftly serve your customers.


On the top, when you are dealing with multiple channels, you can establish micro-level control over inventory and ensure your products’ quality. It let you host big festive sales on your portal by keeping a close eye on the demand and profit margins.


Target Midnight Shoppers


People like to shop at odd hours. Some spontaneous shoppers like to shop in the middle of the night. If you aren’t present on your computer 24*7, you might miss out on these potential midnight customers.


With retail order management software, you can automate the sales process. When someone clicks on the ‘Buy Now’ button, the software will automatically select the shipping service, initiate dispatch email, and provide a seamless customer experience. The order management system ensures that you won’t miss out on any customer – even at midnight.


Error-Free and Stress-Free Workplace


You can shift a huge burden from your inventory manager and accountant’s head with the software. The human process of recording multiple stock entries across various platforms is always subject to errors.


Additionally, unfrequent inventory updates can increase the chance of overselling.  With a wholesale order management system, you can integrate all sales channels and fill the gap between them. It means when a customer orders, automatically stock value is updated. This can reduce manual workload and increase the accuracy level.


Target Stellar Performers


One of the unlooked benefits of an online order management system is that you can learn about popular products based on the statistics. When a certain product category is performing well, you can prepare better marketing plans to further improve its sales.


These products insight can work as an eye-opener for your business. You can make lucrative stock investment and financial decisions based on real-time data. You can convert unfavorable market conditions in your favor with this one step.


Wrap Up

If you want to earn trust and good remarks from your customers, you have to provide quick, transparent, reliable, and accurate services.  And, using OMS, you can easily win the heart of your customers. So, never launch your online business without the effective order management system – it’s a golden thumb rule.


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