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Why Is Custom Mobile App Development a Necessity for Your Business?

Want to expand your business online? Then, you need a custom mobile app for that.


Whether you sell products or provide services online, you need to invest in custom mobile app development to grow your business reach and revenue. But, why?


Well, let’s walk through this custom app development guide to understand why custom apps are a necessity for your business today.


Why Do You Need to Invest in Custom App Development Services?


Huge Market Size


First of all, the mobile app development market size is flourishing today. In 2019, the global mobile app market size was $168.71 billion, which will grow at a CAGR of 25.54% between 2020 to 2027. To survive in this raging market, you need a custom app that can meet all your business needs.


Cut the Competition 


As of Q1 2021, the Play Store has 3.48 million apps, and the App Store has 2.22 million available apps for only iOS. Now, if you want people to download your app among these millions of successful apps, you have to offer them something unique. And for that, you need custom mobile app development consulting.


Connect with your Audience 


The number one business growth rule is to connect with your audience. Understand your audience’s needs, pain points, and behavior patterns to provide them with a simple solution.


Take the Uber app for an example here. People used to hire cabs for ages. But they have to book cabs in advance or wait for long hours to find a cab. So, here Uber understood this problem and customized a mobile app to connect cab drivers to customers.


If you also wish to connect with your audience’s problems, you need to develop a custom mobile app that can solve their life challenges in any way.


Scale-up with Time


Suppose you already have an Android mobile app, but it’s not up-to-date to meet today’s market trends. In that case, you can use custom Android app development services to embed new features into your app. For example, you can leverage artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies to scale up your business app.


Additionally, when your app’s user base increases with time, you need a more secure and robust interface to handle the pressure. Once again, custom app development services can help you with it.


How Can Custom Mobile App Development Help Your Business?


Whether you are a startup or a legacy business with years of experience under your belt, custom mobile app development can give a big push to your revenue and reach. With custom app development, you can target many things, such as:


Personalize your Services 


According to a survey, 38% of customers are interested in purchasing personalized products. In fact, 48% of customers are willing to wait for customized products.


Thus, leveraging custom mobile app development, you can provide personalized services to your individual customers. This, in return, will establish a good brand authority among your customers. You can build a loyal customer base with your personalized mobile apps.


Save your Money 


At first, it might seem like custom iPhone app development services are more expensive than readymade apps, but that’s wrong. In reality, you are saving your business resources through custom app development.


That’s because no app is ready to use. You have to make some changes in all the readymade programs to use in your organization. For instance, if you order a CRM software for your company, you have to make changes in it depending upon your—


  • Business size
  • Number of employees
  • Number of customers, etc.


To be honest, this tweaking with a readymade mobile app will cost you double. First, you have to pay for the app, and then you have to hire mobile app developers to adjust it.


Provide Better Security to your Customers 


Security is the biggest challenge among mobile users nowadays. There are so many different bugs, vulnerabilities, and cyberattacks that are ready to hurt your users’ privacy.


Your third-party mobile app can help you with only a certain extent of cybersecurity. In contrast, custom app development services allow you to embed high-end security features into your program and offer an enhanced user experience.


Constant Support and Maintenance 


When you use Arthonsys custom app development services, you will get around-the-clock support. Whenever your app encounters a problem, your custom mobile app development team will come to your rescue.


On the other hand, third-party mobile app vendors offer limited support and maintenance. You have to wait hours on customer care calls to just register your complaints. And for actual help, you might have to wait for days.


So, if you don’t want to lose customers due to downtime, a custom app is ideal for you.


Exclusive Ownership 


We have saved the biggest reason to develop a custom app for the last. Unlike canned solutions, custom software provides you with exclusive ownership. That means you can make changes to your program anytime and have full control over your mobile app.


Additionally, there are no license fees or extra up-gradation charges that will trouble you.


Custom Mobile App Development Ideas 


Do you want to customize the Android or iPhone app? Then, you first need a unique idea to create a custom app, such as:


EWallet Mobile App Development


The way online transactions are increasing today, having a custom eWallet mobile app can churn out a great revenue for you.


e-Wallet App Development


OTT Mobile App Development


Netflix and Amazon Prime platforms are money magnets today. Thus, you can customize an OTT mobile app to entertain people online with your unique ideas.


Grocery Mobile App Development


After the pandemic, people are more ordering essential goods like groceries online. So, you can leverage this market shift and customize a grocery app.


Real Estate Mobile App


Zillow is a prime example of a great real estate app. If you have real estate market knowledge, you can use it to customize an innovative real estate mobile app.


E-learning Mobile App 


Online learning is also trending a lot. So, you can compile some valuable educational material and develop a mobile app like Udemy, Coursera, etc.


eLearning App Development Guide


Fantasy Cricket Mobile App 


If you are a cricket fan, you can dip your feet into the fantasy cricket app development industry and earn significant revenue.

Fantasy Cricket App Development


Video Chat Mobile App


WhatsApp has given some real goals to the video chat mobile apps. So, if you can make a better video chat than WhatsApp, you should drop queries to custom mobile app development services right away.


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