Python web development with django

Python Web Development With Django

What is Python Django?

Python which is a high-level computer programming language used by python web development company India and is used for the development of web applications. Python Django is a web development framework developed to build better apps with python. The apps developed with Django needs less coding and are developed faster than the normal ones. In simple terms, Django is a web application development framework by Python.

You would be amazed to know that Django is absolutely free and is an open source python framework. It is a set of components used to launch websites easier and faster. A website requires a much similar set of components to form user authentication, management panel, etc. the frameworks such as python Django help you in this case.


Do you know? Django was first developed in 2005, 13 years ago

Is Python Suitable For Web Development?


Python web development with django

Python is one of the oldest frameworks used for the development of websites. The python is used for conceptualizing, creating and deploying a website. The servers now handle a vast number of websites compared to the past when only a few websites were used to developed and launched. Nowadays, websites are strategies of online marketing. Use python web development services to get ahead from your competitors. Make sure to develop your web applications using best frameworks such as python only.

You know that most web developers even combine python and javascript to write marvelous web applications

Python is used mostly to develop sites and is preferred over another programming language because of its following features:

  • Interaction – due to the presence of third-party modules python can interact with a number of languages and platforms.
  • Library – python is supported by a large extended library to reduce the length of code written.
  • Speed – because of its technical designing procedure, the development process is fastening and a strong integration is possessed.
  • High-level data typing – the high-level data typing offered by python is beneficial for reducing the support code length.

  • Readability – python is the only computer software programming language which is most simple to learn and have excellent readability.

  • Open- source – it is an open-source and free programming language.

What is the difference between Python and Django?

Although both are related to python still they are structurally and functionally different from each other.  The basic difference between them is that python is a simple programming language which is implemented at a number of places to perform a particular task.  Python consists of basic commands and data structure.

While Django is a python based framework. Django is used to developed applications of web and can be also used to do data modeling. Django is a very simple python language which can be learned easily and can be even applied to develop web applications by non- professionals.

⇒Some of the advantages of Python Django are –

  • Platform independent: Django can even run on any platform and is essentially platform independent. Using changes in few coding sets, Django can migrate our applications to other databases with the help of a layer present between developer and database. This layer between developer and database is known as object rational mapper called ORM.

  • Easy to use: Django which is a part of python is popular among developers because of python. Django is used worldwide as it is free and coding is really easy in it. Django can be easily performed by non- professionals and the queries related to development can be solved using Google faqs.

  • Secure: With the release of a new feature, Django focuses on enhancing its security every time. Django is the only framework which responds to new issues in the frameworks sincerely.

  • Applications developed: Django which was developed 13 years ago by Django software foundation which is a python company develops applications of database driven websites. it offers to create, read, update and delete interface to generate dynamically. a large number of web applications have been made using this framework and tested before its release. This makes the development process much easier.

  • Reliable: As already mentioned above, the aim of Django is to make sure the applications launched are safe and secure. As the sites contain personal and professional information about a company, they are mostly at risk. To ensure the safety of information, most developers prefer this framework as it is secure. In addition to being reliable, Django is also scalable as it is well maintained by the foundation company. The applications run easily on cloud platforms and make Django a preferred platform.

How is Python used for Web Development?

Python is easy to learn and use and is hence used mostly worldwide. There are few things which you must know before starting with python –

Learn HTML – without these basic things like javascript and Html, python cannot be learnt and used. From learning and understanding python from the ground, first of all, get comfortable with the language. Learn the fundamentals of python.

Guide – since Django is based on MVC it is really essential to understand how the architectures really work to work on them.

Applications – once you are clear with the fundamentals and basics of this framework, go ahead with developing some simple applications and then move to create fully fledged heavy web applications. Incorporate functionalities well to make your website perform better online. Along with the features, coding is equally important in creating a website.

√Debugging – understand well how to use debugging of the framework chosen. It is an important step as bugs are the best friend of a programmer. To go a long way ahead, understand the exceptions well. You can also go for Pycharm as it is an excellent debugging capabilities and coding tips.

√Integration – integrating third-party modules will help achieve more than others. Not just focus on achieving what others have done but producing something extraordinary. Using external libraries, you can catch some serious speed. Before moving to externals make sure to get familiar with the core modules first.

Python is a proud choice of programmers and offers a never-ending list of advantages which will save your time, money and at the same time gives a great outcome. There is a number of python web development company which can be hired to develop sites.

Why is Python Good for Web Development?

Python is the top choice of programmers and is around us for a quite long time. Among the various programming languages, Python is listed as the number one language because of its features like –

  • Easy – python isn’t difficult to use.
  • Free – it is free and is an open source language which can be used by anyone.
  • Expressive – it is an easily readable language.
  • Cross-platform language – python operate equally well on all platforms like as Linux, UNIX, Windows, etc.
  • Interpreted language – the codes are accomplished by the interpreter line by line i.e. it is an interpreted language. These languages which are interpretable are useful for beginners also and make debugging easy.
  • Extensible – other languages can also be used to compile the code in the python code.


Python and Django both are the best frameworks. Django is preferably made to make a complex process of development easy. The less coding and low coupling in it make rapid development of websites. Some of the popular websites using Django are Instagram, Pinterest, Disqus, Mozilla, Nextdoor, etc.