Role of Video Marketing in Online Reputation Management

Electrifying Role of Video Marketing in Online Reputation Management

Today, without a proper online presence – no business can survive or grow. Online marketing has made promoting business and interaction with customers an easy task. But, this wildfire of online marketing has made marketing process highly intense as one negative comment or bad review can completely sabotage your business online reputation within seconds.

However, on the contrary, if you are using the trendy online reputation management tools, then you can easily paint a positive image of your business among your customers and attract large masses. Thus, a good digital marketing company always provide a complete social media reputation management solution to their clients to implement reputation management perfectly.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management is referred to as influencing and controlling a business’s reputation on various online platforms. ORM focuses on the management of products and services by following all the online norms. Such as mug shot removal sites, targeting customer review websites, controlling negative comments, using SEO tactics and so much more. In short, any step taken to improve the reputation of a business using various reputation management tools is called online reputation management services.

Need of ORM

  • Improved SalesThe Internet is the first place today where buyers go in search of the best products. Thus, one of the best ways to improve your sales would by using social reputation management services and engaging with potential customers directly.
  • Build Credibility – Having a reputation management software in order will easily overshadow the negative words about your brand and spread a positive image quickly. With reputation management, the credibility of your brand can be easily established.
  • Brand Image – An effective ORM practice can help in building a perfect brand image. The constant monitoring of online communication can create a positive brand image of your business automatically.
  • Good Recruitment – Online reputation management software can drive talent towards your company. Today, the majority of fresh talents belong to the millennial generation and to attract this tech generation, you have to create a strong and positive online image because every millennial want to work with the big brand.

The Best Online Reputation Management Tool  – Video Marketing

Today, when every business organization knows the importance of online reputation management and social media has made digital marketing very smooth, then how can you create a strong image using all the common reputation management tools?

The answer is simple, you got to think beyond everyone’s imagination. As Bill Gates predicted in 1996 that “Content is King” on the internet. Similarly, these days Content is a supreme, but in a visual form. So, the bottom line here is that brands need a video to grow in this changing landscape of the digital world. Why? Let’s understand through a few trendy facts about video marketing –

Bond Between Video Marketing and Reputation Management

In 2010, online reputation management tools are limited to observing a confined number of certain keywords on search engines and optimizing them through quality content and SEO tactics. But, by the fall of 2011, when the news of google acquisition of YouTube hit the market, then it resulted in three billion page views per day. And, it was a call for the best SEO masters that the internet has been fully captured by the videos.

However, the high-quality videos have been used for branding and advertisement since the mid-1990s, but use in social media reputation management hasn’t been noted before 2005. The first video blogging conference was held in New York City in 2005. Later after four years, the photo-sharing platform Flickr introduced in 2009 with the ability to tag short videos with SEO keywords for the easy search.

In the context of online reputation management, early businesses had proactive vlogs only which means they use video for branding and PR purposes solemnly. However, the actual need for video as the reputation management software arose in 2009 when a YouTube clip was uploaded by a Canadian citizen whose guitars were damaged because of the careless baggage handler of United Airlines. The video has gone viral quickly and United Airlines lost $180 million as a consequence by a 10% fall in the share price.

Nowadays, streaming videos have become even simpler thanks to smartphones and social media. That means if your business isn’t active in the video marketing business, then you will lose your business within a fraction of seconds.

How Videos and Online Reputation Management Runs Together?

For effective social reputation management, you have to think beyond backlinking, on-page SEO, and written content. The modern search engine result page highlights video content more on the three promising features – relevance, freshness and social media presence. Thus, all the facts and historian figures scream that videos are the future and for better online reputation management, you have to target it. But, how they work together?

Educate your Audiences 

Buyers are very smart today, they easily know when you are directly promoting your brands. And, direct promotions never goes well with them. Thus, modern reputation management revolves around educational and real feedback videos of customers. A new consumer will only turn to your page in search of valuable information, but if they don’t get information, then they won’t waste any more time on your website or social media page. So, including buyer guides, customer testimonials, information tutorials, etc., will be a smart video marketing tool to build an online reputation.

Affordable Tool 

When you are seeking for affordable reputation management tools, then videos are for you. Today, when you have a free portal like YouTube to upload videos online and share on multiple social media platforms with one click of your finger, then why to spend thousands of bucks on paid marketing. Moreover, several affordable video editing and enhancing tools are also available to help you out. If you are looking forward to targeting a large number of people under your limited budget, then videos are the most affordable online reputation management software by far.

Conduct Q/As Effectively 

While building a reputation of your brand, you have to earn the trust of your customers and a live Q/A session is something that can help you to directly address all the queries of your customers. Nowadays, all the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram comes with the live feature option where you can interact with your customers in real-time. So, by creating live Q/A video sessions with your customers, you can easily clear all their doubts through one on one interaction and let them see the real features of your products. When customers know they can interact with you directly, then they will feel more connected with your brand.

Announcing Sales & Big Events 

Hosting special events or organizing seasonal sales is an old but trusted method of reputation management. But, with the intervention of videos, the process of making a special announcement and spreading words about the upcoming events become very easy. You can send promotional sales videos to your customers in multiple ways such as social media, emails, instant messaging apps, and others. Moreover, when you send engaging videos to your audience, then this is going to hold their attention for a longer period of time as compared to written content.

Helps in Retaining Customers

The videos are an impeccable strategy of social media reputation management because it retains the attention of customers for a longer period of time. For instance, when your favorite barista who brew your morning coffee daily acknowledge you by your name and send you a thank you video, then how will it sound. It will look really awesome and establish a warm bond between you and your barista. Thus, when business organizations want to build an online brand, then sending acknowledgment or any other kind of personalized videos can hold the attention of customers for eternity.

Organic Growth

One of the most important reasons to create marketing videos a permanent part of your reputation management software solutions would be – it contributes sustainable growth. By using a video to build your brand means you are growing organically – you can become the leader of your industry without any efforts. Once you have created a marketing video content, then it’s always going to be present on the internet that means a viewer after 10 years can watch your videos and respect your brand.

Creates a Brand Voice

There are no other online reputation management tools that let you create a unique brand voice and convey a message to your customers in the right ways. This is a very common problem with written content that sometimes readers interpret the wrong notation of the message. It’s because the intelligence and intellectual level of everyone is different. But, through videos, you can use gestures and sounds to convey your message in the right essence.

Social Media Reputation Management Examples

Positive Example – If you entertain and connect with your audiences through videos, then they can do wonder as Dollar Shave video campaign did. To create this popular video campaign, Dollar Shave only spent 4500 and in results – they received 12,000 new orders within 48 hours. This proves the fact of how positive impact a good video can leave on the reputation management of a brand.

Negative Example – The negative style of social reputation management can be seen in the case of Nestle. A couple of years back, Nestle received negative comments related to their environmental practices and they didn’t pay attention to them. This small negligence results in the company shutting down its public page due to the number of negative comments they received. The takeaway here is to address criticism asap.

A Futuristic Move

By using video marketing tools to promote your brand and build a positive reputation is a futuristic approach. The videos offer you multiple ways to engage your customers by educating them, learning their real-time feedback and so much more. It totally depends upon you whether you include video marketing in your reputation management strategy or not, but you can’t ignore the impact of videos on the internet. So, if you want to prepare your brand for the future, then working on video marketing for online reputation management is going to an ideal option for you.