Top 5 CMS eCommerce Web Development Platforms

Top 5 CMS eCommerce Web Development Platforms: Jetpack your Online Retail Business Today!

Undoubtedly, the online retail business model is booming!


It estimated that number of digital shoppers to reach 2.14 billion between 2014-2021. With the pandemic’s spurt, 62% of US shoppers buy more online than before. So, if the eCommerce industry growth exceeds your expectations in the coming days, don’t be surprised.


This eCommerce spurge must’ve motivated you to start your online store for sure. But wait for a second and also look at the other side of the table. You see, people, despite the increase in the number of online shoppers, 73% of shoppers still consider online shopping risky. Consumers consider themselves more vulnerable during online shopping than offline.


Thus, to rule the eCommerce world, you gotta ensure people that shopping online with you is safe. To do so, you have to select the best CMS eCommerce web development service. With the precise CMS eCommerce web development, you can create a secure, private, and UX-rich shopping portal for your customers.


But that’s not easy. Especially when you have so many awesome eCommerce development services and portals available in the market. Here, the best advice would be to consult your CMS eCommerce web development company and let them help you pick the perfect platform to build your store.


To help you out, we will be discussing the top 5 CMS eCommerce development portals in the post. So, you can make a wise decision.


What is CMS eCommerce Development?


CMS stands for the content management system. It is a system that manages and adjusts the content on your website. In the eCommerce industry, CMS development plays propelling role in managing content on the store for better readability and ranking. Digital content comes in many forms like images, videos, documents, etc.


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With CMS eCommerce web development service, you can seamlessly customize, integrate, collaborate and reduce coding work. Overall, CMS eCommerce development platforms provide user-friendly infrastructure for backend functions. Primarily, eCommerce development services are supported by two types of CMS programs:


Cloud-based CMS that doesn’t require separate servers, for example — Shopify.

Open-source CMS to have full control over your websites functions, such as WooCommerce and Magento


Must’ve eCommerce CMS Features


Whenever we receive a CMS eCommerce web development service request, we ask our clients one thing: their goals. Based on the client’s objectives, our team suggests the sturdy CMS eCommerce web development portal.


However, if your requirements aren’t still clear yet, you must look for a CMS eCommerce platform offering these features:


  • SEO Support: SEO is the best way to interact with web crawlers and boost search engine ranking. Get an SEO-friendly CMS that lets you better optimize your product pages.


  • URL Optimisation: The shorter URL is, the better URL. Google highly encourages URL brevity. Your CMS should remove unnecessary subfolders and make your URLs readable.


  • Titles & Meta Descriptions: To avoid SEO goof ups, ensure that your CMS lets you optimize each web page’s title and meta description. Additionally, some CMS auto-generate page titles and meta descriptions to save your time.


  • Enhanced UX: Modern users want a smooth and high-tech experience. eCommerce CMS must help you improve UX on-site with design customization, mobile optimization, etc.


  • Ease: CMS should make usability simple for new users. Depending upon your CMS eCommerce web development company resources, you should select a portal that’s easy to set up and doesn’t require an arduous onboarding process.


  • Integration: From payment gateways to CRM, CMS must connect with all your business automation tools.


Top 5 CMS eCommerce Web Development Service Providers


Brace yourself. After analyzing market trends and consulting our eCommerce developers, we have selected the best CMS eCommerce platforms for you. So, have a good look at all of them.


  1. Magento


Hire Magento Developer

Magento is a comprehensive eCommerce development solution for businesses that are fully committed to going online. This system combines an unrivaled featured set with top-class virtual support and flexibility. Along with Adobe legacy and 250,000 worldwide merchants’ support, Magento Commerce is a resilient platform to take your business online.


Your hired Magento eCommerce developers can leverage diverse extensions to build your stores like CRM, ERP, chatbots, and more. And to hire a dedicated Magento developer, you can knock at our doors anytime.


What Makes Magento Special?


  • It is a free eCommerce platform that can fit all project sizes — small or big.
  • Magento can manage loads of page views and interactions in a breeze.
  • It can organize your products into custom categories as per your requirements.
  • Magento is an SEO-ready tool with all the SEO features like metadata optimization, sitemaps, etc.
  • This eCommerce CMS offers both frontend and backend support.


How Much Does Magento Development Costs?


Magento is an open-source CMS tool, so it’s free to use. However, based on your project size and the Magento web development company you have hired, Magento eCommerce development price varies. But a basic development starts from $20,000 or higher.


  1. Shopify


Hire Shopify Developer

Shopify is the world-renowned cloud-based eCommerce CMS platform. Due to its simple interface and moderate pricing, Shopify is a popular option for startups and small businesses. But that doesn’t mean big brands can’t use it. Today, many high Alexa-ranked online stores are running on Shopify, including (1527 rank), (2,575), etc.


Additionally, if you hire experienced Shopify eCommerce developers, they can fully customize your store with trendy features and layouts. Plus, Shopify offers a variety of free templates, a POS system, and 24/7 support. Importantly, Shopify offers 14 days free trial that your hired Shopify developers can use to create a prototype of your store.


What Makes Shopify Special?


  • Store owners get unlimited bandwidth, inventory, and customer database.
  • Shopify lets you sell on multiple channels like Amazon and Pinterest.
  • Facility to fully customize your online store and blogs.
  • Easy integration with all popular payment gateways.
  • Automate the fulfillment process with various third-party shipping tools.
  • Round-the-clock award-winning customer service.


How Much Does Shopify Development Costs?


Shopify has multiple pricing policies for different sizes of stores. You can run one basic Shopify store for $29/month plus developers’ charges. To hire a Shopify developer with vast knowledge and experience, you might’ve to spend $50-$250 per hour.


  1. WordPress


Hire WordPress Developer

Almost 20% of self-hosted websites on the internet use WordPress. There’s no better CMS than WordPress is currently available. But it’s not a dedicated eCommerce platform. To create a WordPress-based online store, you need to use the WooCommerce plugin.


You can hire WordPress developers to customize your online using an immense collection of extensions and themes. Apart from WooCommerce, the WordPress plugin library contains many other third-party eCommerce plugins like BigCommerce. Your WordPress developer can better suggest to you — which plugin to select for your project?


What Makes WordPress Special?


  • Multiple shipping modules support such as a table, flat, or weight rate.
  • Integration with free and premium payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • High-end tax management system.
  • Offers insightful sales reports within extensible orders API.
  • WP Commerce has simplified automate the marketing process.


How Much Does WordPress Development Costs?


The general cost of developing a custom WordPress online store starts from $6,000. If you hire dedicated WordPress developers to custom design, develop, and plugin, the price can extend to $15,000.


  1. Joomla


Hire Joomla Developer

Joomla is another open-source content management platform. You can hire Joomla experts to build your website and publish content. However, CMS eCommerce web development isn’t Joomla’s core functionality. You need to use various extensions to build your eCommerce site on Joomla. Therefore, you need to hire dedicated Joomla developers to create a functional online store.


What Makes Joomla Special?


  • Joomla supports over 70 languages to publish the content.
  • The vast Joomla community including individuals, top-class developers, and business consultants.
  • Joomla provides an in-app contextual help option.
  • Easy platform to run advertisements and monetize your site.
  • Contact management tools to add several departments, contacts, and categories.


How Much Does Joomla Development Costs?


The cost of developing the Joomla eCommerce site is approximately $15,000. Mostly, your Joomla development company can offer a correct quote based on your project needs.


  1. Drupal


Hire Drupal Developer

Drupal isn’t designed for eCommerce development, but if you hire dedicated Drupal developers, they can use various plugins and frameworks to create your eCommerce store. In fact, Drupal’s CMS features are robust and flexible, like WordPress and Joomla. Sadly, Drupal isn’t a user-friendly platform for non-technical users. Thus, you have to hire professional Drupal web developers to fully customize frontend and backend functions.


What Makes Drupal Special?


  • Drupal’s theming engine is highly flexible, secure, and fast.
  • All Drupal built-in themes are mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • Drupal has powerful HTML5 support.
  • You can create pages with language-based views filtering and block visibility with multilingual Drupal.
  • File configuration management to quickly configure elements.


How Much Does Drupal Development Costs?


For a standard Drupal CMS eCommerce web development service, you have to spend anywhere between $30,000 to $40,000.


Ready to Launch your Online Store!


After going through the features and development costs of the top 5 CMS eCommerce platforms, you must’ve now know which platform to select for your digital store. However, if you still have some doubts, you can consult Arthonsys for eCommerce development services. 


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