WordPress vs Wix Which is Better for Your Web Development And Why

WordPress vs Wix: Which is Better for Web Development? And Why?

Wix or WordPress Which One Should You Choose?


A website gives you an online address in today’s world. Web Development is not an easy task but there are several Website builders and web development services available which you can use to easily make a website without knowing any coding or stuff. Wix or WordPress can be a very confusing question but don’t worry we have made the comparison very simple and informative for you to make an informed decision.


Wix or WordPress


WordPress and Wix are the two most popular website builders available out there.


WordPress alone commands a market share of 34%, i.e. 34% of all the websites are using WordPress to power their sites. As far as Wix is concerned, it is used by over 100 million people across the globe.

These two are competing with each other to get more and more people on them. Hence we will give a fair and honest opinion on which is the better of two and why you should choose any one of them.


Why Choose WordPress or Wix?


    • Ease of Use: Both Wix vs WordPress 2019 give you the ability to design or customize a website. In WordPress, you need to install plugins or extensions while in Wix, you can drag and drop everything on your browser. So, if you are a novice in website building Wix might be the one for you as you do not need any technical know-how to use Wix. In WordPress, however, it might get a bit difficult if you encounter any difficulty in installing a plugin. Hence definitely in case of ease of use, Wix has an advantage over WordPress but still remember WordPress gives you many more options to play with than Wix. So make your choice very wisely.

    • Design: Wix and WordPress offer customizations, hence both perform equally on design and customization front. Wix or WordPress make your choice wisely. In Wix, you can get an easy drag and drop editor with almost 300 themes that you can customize. In WordPress, there are a lot more themes you can choose from which will or may not require knowledge of HTML and CSS for customizations.


    • E-Commerce will scale up your business: Wix has an inbuilt select a store option where you can choose from a variety of options to sell your goods from, but there are limited tax options available on this. In WordPress, there are several third-party plugins that you can use to add E-Commerce capabilities with unlimited possibilities. Woo Commerce is a perfect option for WordPress, which, when properly optimized, can the best store that you would want.


  • Pricing: Wix has a monthly payment plan, and you need to pay according to that, WordPress is technically free, but you need to pay for hosting and other things to make your website go live. If this is the main point deciding your choice in Wix vs wordpress2019, WordPress is the clear winner here.


Why WordPress is Better than Wix?


Wix offers various features to its users like a one-stop website builder, etc. but it does lack in many features that WordPress provides to its users. The main aim of every business is to make people stumble on their web designs and portfolio, therefore, you must know which web development services are good for your business & you must create ways for people to find you. 


    • Hosting: WordPress allows you to host your website yourself, and this means you are not forced to stay with WordPress for your hosting, and domain name needs like Wix. You can choose the plan that is best for you from any hosting service and still load WordPress on it.


    • Easy Troubleshooting: WordPress is the most popular content management software available out there around 34% of websites in the world use WordPress. This means that you can quickly get a tutorial for any trouble that occurs on your website.


    • Open Source code allows more flexibility: WordPress is an open-source code which means anyone can use this code and make changes to it to use on their website. This makes it very easy for creators to customize their websites according to their needs and choices.

      This gives a variety of options to WordPress creators to customize their websites. The question Why WordPress is better than Wix is a burning topic in the online world nowadays hence the need to deeply understand the functionality of each and every one of them is necessary. In the case of Wix, there are tools available, but the Wix team creates them hence are very low in number as compared to WordPress. In WordPress, any developer can create a new plugin or tool with the open-source code that is available to them.


    • Themes: WordPress gives you the flexibility to change your website’s theme at any time even after you have published your website. The number of themes available for WordPress is enormous as compared to what is possible for Wix.

      WordPress gives you the option to choose from around 10036 themes to choose from while in Wix you get only 403 themes where you have minimal customizations available.


    • Plugins: As we have discussed earlier with WordPress, you get many plugins to choose from because of its open-source code. In Wix, that is not the case. You have a limited number of apps available that too with restricted customizations.

      WordPress offers around 51033 plugins for you to choose from this number is enormous, and you can do more than what you think you can do with these plugins. You get many plugins free of cost, but there are many premium plugins also that you can use. In Wix, on the other hand, you get just around 245 Apps to choose from.

      WordPress plugins should be wisely chosen as many are not well build and supported hence be cautious while choosing one for your website.


    • SEO: It is one of the most important aspects of any website, this makes your site visible on the internet and if you are unable to get visibility on your website all your design and website building is wasted.

      WordPress has many SEO features in-build, and you can, of course, use many plugins to improve your SEO experience. In Wix, however, the story is different as you get minimal control to manage your SEO.


    • Multiple users can have access to WordPress: WordPress allows you to give access to various members of your team, and you can also assign different roles to different people on your website. This will enable you to stay in charge while others keep on adding content to your site.

      Wix, however, allows just one user to access its website builder, which can be a problem in case you want to expand your website in the future.


  • Pricing: Wix has fixed monthly pricing which ranges from 5$-25$ per month, creators have to stay on their hosting and plan only, and they cannot change their hosting service in case the speed is reduced in Wix.

    WordPress is technically Free, you can use your hosting and domain, and you have to pay if you use premium Plugins and themes. It is necessary to mention that there are many free themes and plugins that are available out there for you to choose from.


Wix vs WordPress 2019- Which is better for Blogging?


Both Wix and WordPress can add a blog to your website. Wix provides you with some basic features to add to your site while making a blog, but it also lacks various essential features needed in a blog. In Wix, there are no native comment options you only get a facebook comments option which is not portable to your website. The blog editor of Wix is different from its website builder and only can edit in plain text; hence many additional capabilities are ignored here.
In Wix vs WordPress 2019 new capabilities are being added to WordPress on a daily basis by various developers who use open-source code to make it better every day.


WordPress, however, started as a Blogging platform and has a lot of features that can be very useful for all bloggers. It has a native commenting feature along with many other advanced features. It is also equipped with a Gutenberg blog editor, and it is a great layout and creator. You can use this blog editor to create various types of beautiful design layouts for your website.


As far as Blogging is concerned, it is evident that WordPress has a clear edge as compared to Wix or any other website builders. As it gives you Flexibility, Out of the box Advanced Features for your blogs and many different free and premium themes and plugins to make a unique blog for yourself.


Does WordPress Work with Wix?


We can integrate the two websites builders to get the best of both worlds.

Here are a few simple steps to Integrate Wix and WordPress.


  1. First of all, we would need a WordPress hosting to host the website.
  2. Second, you can create an additional Sub Domain to add Wix to just that SubDomain, this step is however optional.
  3. The third step is to Install WordPress to your domain or Sub Domain as the case may be.
  4. Design your Wix and WordPress designs similarly, if you are using Wix only on a Sub-Domain. It becomes more important to design both the Websites in a similar fashion so that your customers are not confused. Add any plugins on your website at this stage.
  5. Integrate your Wix and WordPress websites using the menu and navigation features of both the builders. In Wix, you can go to your
  • Menu>Manage Menu click on Add Page>Link the next Menu clicks on Web Address. You can add your WordPress webpage to your Wix website
  • to add Wix to WordPress you can follow the following steps
  • to your Dashboard then head to Apperance>Menus, Create a navigation menu then add a page using the Pages Box.
  • Add the link to your WordPress using Custom links option and repeat the same steps mentioned above.
  • Click on the Save Menu and finalize all your changes successfully.

So now it is very clear to you that you can actually integrate both the platforms together.




We have discussed in length the Pros and Cons of using both Wix and WordPress. You can choose Wix if you want to use a fully developed website builder with no learning curve, and you are ready to shell out the monthly price. 


WordPress can be used & can go through a bit of a smooth learning curve to make your website and full freedom to manage and expand your site with all the customizations. In this battle, you are the judge for your own case and you can decide for yourself keeping various points mentioned above to make an informed and profitable decision.