Ultimate Sneak Peak on Health and Fitness Apps Development

Ultimate Sneak Peak on Health and Fitness Apps Development

Health and Fitness are the two buzzwords that we are constantly hearing nowadays. Due to the strict norms of social distancing, gyms, parks, and other fitness activities aren’t ideal choices for fitness enthusiasts right now. Thus, people are searching for the best health and fitness tracker apps so that they can stay fit while sitting at their homes.


The health and fitness apps development market has been booming lately – according to Global Market Net Worth, by 2026, the fitness app market is going to show growth of $14.7 million, which is a straight 23% of growth. Today, if you use the best health tracker app development solution to create an innovative and futuristic app, you can surely be part of this booming market. To help you out with the health and fitness apps development journey, Arthonsys would like to introduce you to the perfect health and fitness app development process.


How to Develop the Best Fitness and Health Application?


The best fitness tracker app development is structured around the following steps that you have to completely nail to create a next revolutionary app –


Define your Monetization Model


You are going through the hassle of finding the modern fitness app development process so that you can make money. So, start by defining your app monetization model because you have multiple options to choose from –


  • Paid App – You can set a fixed price to download the app from the dedicated app store before using it.
  • In-app Purchases – If you want to keep your fitness app free yet earn profits, you can encourage users to buy some products or services in your app.
  • Premium Subscription – It is a fifty-fifty model where you can offer some features for free with the option to upgrade premium features for the promise of better quality.
  • Ads – You can partner with other fitness businesses and give them the opportunity to advertise in your app for a certain cost.
  • Sponsored – To follow the best gym tracker app development model, you can partner with the popular gyms and fitness experts to distribute valuable content.


Basic Structure


To be honest, currently, numerous health and fitness apps are available on the app market, so how can you outshine them? Simply, with the unique personal fitness trainer app, you can create a new user base. But, the key point here is to add unique and useful features in your app like live chat with personal trainers, push notifications, diet plans, customized health goals, geolocation, etc.

How to Create Video Chat App


Designing Type


Health and fitness apps can be designed in multiple different styles, so you have to pick your app type such as –


  • Tracking App – The best fitness tracker app development is used to design the user activity tracking app.
  • Diet and Nutrition App – It is an app for the people who want to analyze and measure each bite that they take.
  • Personal Trainer App – The personal gym trainer app development is highly trending nowadays that enables the user to virtually interact with the personal trainers.


Best Development Partner


Once you have figured out a way to monetize, structure, and type of your app, you have to find the best health tracker app development partner who can help you with the implementation. If you want to give a realistic shape to your health and fitness app, you have to partner with the best app development company that can understand your ideas and have the knowledge to create an immersive app under your budget.

Hire Mobile App Developers


Discovery Phase


Every app or web development project starts with the product discovery phase. In the inception phase, you and your fitness app development team has to focus on –


  • Defining the work structure of your project.
  • Creating a proper project plan.
  • Gathering plan resources and fix the MVP budget.
  • Specifying UX/UI of the app.


Technical Compilation


When you are undertaking the best health and fitness app development, you need to hire a technical writer to compile mobile application documentation. The technical documentation includes user cases, feature details, and other technical information related to your app.


Designing and Deployment


Your modern fitness app development team has to take your project from paper to the digital platform. From front-end development to backend development, you need to create an amazing app that can hold the attention of users. Your development team will create a magnificent custom UX and UI environment. Depending upon the app launch platform, you need developers in the core development team.


Quality Check


For the best gym tracker app development, you need QA engineers in your development team who can multiple tests and fix all the bugs so that you can provide the highly functional app to your users.


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7 Must’ve Health and Fitness App Features


The features that you are going to embed into your app is going to make all difference. If you have unique, useful, and powerful features, your app is going to trend. So, work on designing new features, and you can start with the following must-have features –


  1. Diet Plan – You can create a virtual personal gym trainer with your app by incorporating a customized diet plan feature. With this feature, you can facilitate users to create a suitable diet plan as per their body structure and activities.
  2. Push Notifications – For busy fitness enthusiasts, you can add a push notification feature so that he or she won’t ever miss workout sessions. However, don’t send too many push notifications because it might annoy your users.
  3. Social Shares – Nowadays, people love to share their achievements and activities on social media. Thus, by integrating your fitness app with the leading social media platforms, you can facilitate your users to share their fitness goals with their friends.
  4. Geolocation – When you are working on the best fitness tracker app development, adding geolocation is very useful. The geolocation enables users to track and record their workout sessions in real-time.
  5. Gamification – You can make exercising and dieting more fun for your users by using gamification concepts in your app.
  6. Integration – The fitness app should be integrated with all other gadgets of your users so that they can attend calls, listen to music, or create their schedule – all while working out.
  7. Tracker – If you are a new fitness startup app, you should give a goal tracker feature to your users for a better realistic environment. The personal fitness trainer app development is very popular nowadays.

Personal fitness trainer app development


Cost of the Best Health and Fitness Tracker App Development


There’s no bar to create trending health and fitness apps. The best modern fitness app development can range anywhere between $20,000 full-stack development to $400,000 per month. The cost of health and fitness app depends upon numerous factors, including –


  • Features that you want to integrate into your app.
  • A number of platforms you want to launch your app such as Android, iOS, Windows, or other.
  • Layers of integration complexity.
  • The security system of the app.
  • A number of regular updates and bug fixes, etc.


After understanding your app requirements, an app development company can share the exact development quote with you. For the exact personal gym trainer app development cost, you have to define your app requirements first.


Health and Fitness Apps Tech Stack


When you want to develop the best health and fitness app, you have to think about the technical side precisely. Once you have defined what kind of MVP and features are going to adorn your app, the next big question is – which technologies will help you in implementing the project?


There are a plethora of health and fitness app development technologies available in the market, so you have a buffet of technology ahead of you. If we take the case study of Fitbit – a leading fitness app and gadget segment, we can see the following technologies in their applications –


  • To support application and data, they have trusted the leading programming languages such as C, HTML5, JavaScript, and Java.
  • To provide cloud hosting, IBM SoftLayer – a public cloud computing platform is used.
  • Android SDK and Spring Framework are used by Fitbit.
  • Runscope is used for the API. It is a cloud-oriented hybrid on-premises solution that helps with debugging and testing apps.
  • For code sharing, Fitbit developers have been using GitHub, and performance is monitored by New Relic along with Pingdom and PagerDuty.
  • To handle tracking issues, Jira is used.
  • The group chat is managed by HipChat, and desk support is provided via Desk.com.


5 Popular Health and Fitness Apps


The Android and iOS App Stores are studded with numerous health and fitness apps nowadays. But, some of the most popular apps to learn from are –


Runkeeper – It is a tracking app that can track anything – from slow strolls to the 5K runs. This GPS tracker app is trusted by more than 50 million users. Whether you want to prepare for a marathon or lose weight, you can achieve any goal with the custom dashboard.


Strava – This is a free social media platform for athletes without unnecessary jargon. You can join Strava to track and motivate yourself with the support of the professional athletes.


Yoga Studio – For yoga lovers, it is a great app with more than 70 yoga and meditation classes ranging from various levels. Furthermore, you can customize class as per your requirements too.


Sworkit – It is a simple and customizable app. You just have to enter your personal data and select your motives to achieve your fitness goals.


Couch to 5K – If you are a couch potato, you can learn to run 5K within nine weeks in a fun way. Just spend 20-30 minutes daily with the app.


Future of Health and Fitness Apps


Bright – simply, the future of health and fitness apps are bright. Today, we all have received a wakeup call in the form of COVID-19 that Health is Wealth. And, you can use the health priorities of other people to increase your wealth with the best health tracker app. So, if you have an innovative fitness and health app idea, it is the right time to implement it.


You can partner with Arthonsys today to learn the curve of the best health and fitness app development so that you can be part of the progressive fitness app market.