How to Develop an On-demand Food Delivery App

On Demand Food Delivery App Development – A Complete Guide

Global food delivery mobile app development is projected to reach $16.6 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 27.6%.


Nothing is shocking in these numbers because we all know that a restaurant mobile app solution is the new way to run a food business. However, the shocking fact is that even after humongous popularity still, a handful of companies monopolize the online food industry.


Whereas the global food delivery market is ruled by Ubereats with 21 million, Grubhub with 22.62 million, and Postmates with 10 million active monthly dinners in 2019. Talking about the Indian digital food industry, Zomato held 38%, and Swiggy captured 27% of the online food delivery user base in 2019.


Now, this an alarming fact because the online food delivery field has so much potential, and only a few companies are taking leverage from it. That means if you have an amazing food delivery app idea in 2021, there’s a high probability for it to succeed. To grow in the online restaurant business, you just need two things:


  • Support of the best food delivery mobile app development company, and;
  • Dynamic online food delivery app development process to implement your idea.


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Once you hire a proficient on-demand food delivery app development company, they will handle the process part for you—but it’s always good to have some knowledge beforehand. Therefore, in this post, we will talk about the top seven food delivery app development companies and which process they adopt to create robust food apps. Let’s kickstart your online food dream today!


7 Leading Food Delivery App Development Companies in 2021


To launch your food delivery app, you need to first partner with the best food delivery app development company. And in 2021, there are numerous mobile app development companies available, but the food app leaders are:


Arthonsys Technologies


Founded – 2016


Number of Employees – 50 – 249


Cost per Hour – $25 – $49


Arthonsys Technologies LLP is an India & USA based premium website and mobile app Development Company with a team full of industry experts. Our developers mastered online food delivery app development services among all the different software development services. Our every food app delivery developer has the potential to create a live chat, media sharing, instant messaging, online polling, and other community-building features studded apps.


In 10 years of glories experience, we have satisfied more than 300+ clients across multiple domains. We have developed 700+ successful projects including the two amazing food delivery apps:


  • With the Restaurant Run iOS app, we have simplified restaurant running a business for everyone and received shining five stars on App Store.


Restaurant Run


  • For Belgium foodies, Ruddy—striking restaurant mobile app solution is gifted by our elite team.




Xicom Technologies


Founded – 2002


Number of Employees – 300+


Cost Per Hour – $15 – $30


This food delivery mobile app development company has offices in India, Dubai, and the USA. They have delivered more than 7500 projects to 1500+ global clients. Xicom has set a strong benchmark in the mobile app development market by commanding multiple programming languages and frameworks.


Konstant Infosolutions


Founded – 2002


Number of Employees – 200+


Cost per Hour – $95


Konstant Infosolutions is a US-based software development company with an operating office in India. With over 17 years of experience, they have touched many milestones in the food delivery app sector as they have served 2500+ clients with a 64% of client retention rate.


Brainium Information Technologies


Founded – 2009


Number of Employees – 200+


Cost per Hour – $89 – $90


Brainium Information Technologies’ name always comes in the best food delivery app development companies list. It is an award-winning software development company and has earned huge respect in the Indian development market. They have started their business with three employees, and today, they have 200+ employees and serving clients in 35+ countries.




Founded – 2009


Number of Employees – 250+


Cost per Hour – $70


TechAhead has climbed up in the software development industry pretty quickly with a unique development cycle, idea implementation system, and client retention policies. They have created numerous innovative and scalable food and travel apps with the assistant of their USA and India-based developers.


SUDO Technologies


Founded – 2015


Number of Employees – 150+


Cost per Hour – $75 – $79


SUDO technologies is an internationally recognized development company with innovative solutions for SMEs, startups, and popular brands. With their progressive business style, they have a strong grasp over on-demand food delivery app development services. In India and Dubai, they have launched various successful food and restaurant platforms.




Founded – 2000


Number of Employees – 250+


Cost per Hour – $100 – $149


Praxent is a US-based food delivery app development company. They have 20+ years of experience in the mobile app development industry, so they know all ins and outs of developing a high-quality app. With a 300+ global client base, they have adequate resources and skills to develop your life-changing food delivery app.


Step by Step Guide—On-demand Food Delivery App Development


Do you want to beat Swiggy, Food Panda, Zomato, Deliveroo, Domino’s Pizza, Just Eat, Caviar, and Eat24 with your food delivery app? YES. Then, Arthonsys food delivery app developer team has compiled a step by step guide to achieve your goals:


Step 1. Start with Market Research


Fundamental, on-demand food app development starts with a unique approach. If you want to beat the leading food delivery apps, you have to be better than them. And for that, you have to do some market research and figure out what more you can offer to customers than other brands.


For example, Domino’s Pizza, Grubhub, and JustEat facilitate their customers to place their orders via voice assistance technology. Additionally, OrderUp has created a wearable food delivery app so that customers can order through their smartwatches.


So, if you want to outsmart these apps, you have to do detailed market research and offer a better restaurant mobile app solution to attract customers.


Step 2. Select Monetisation Model


You are investing in online food delivery app development services so that you can make money—right? So, decide your monetization process even before getting further into the development process.


Usually, two food delivery app monetization methods are prevailing in the market, such as:


App Development Monetisation Model


  • Order-only Model – Companies are only responsible for ordering and managing food orders. You will charge a certain percentage from restaurants to avail your services, which varies. Therefore, this system is highly crowded, and big names like Eat24, JustEat, and are already using it.


  • Delivery Model – Under this method, companies are responsible for managing and delivering orders. The monetization strategy is pretty clean—you’ll receive a commission from restaurants and charge delivery fees. It is a big model where you have to hire and train carries; therefore, competition is low. This model is behind Doordash, Ubereats, and Deliveroo’s success.


Step 3. Pick your App Features


Once you have analyzed the market and decided on your money making approach, you have to pick features for your app. It is the most critical online food delivery app development phase, and our engineers spend most of their time to perfectly embed features to your app.


Mainly, food delivery app features are divided into three prominent categories:


Food Delivery App Features



Customer Side Features


  • Simple Registration – It is the first step to interact with your new customers, so make it quick and hassle-free. Your customer can leave the registration process midway if they find it hard. Therefore, make it simple and familiar like WhatsApp has an easy registration process.


  • Search – Searching for different food items and restaurants needs to be even simpler than the registration process. Here, you can provide voice, location, food preferences, and other search options to your customers.


  • Restaurant Rating – Customers might want to check reviews and ratings of a new restaurant before placing an order. So, add a review feature to your app like Amazon.


  • Order Placement – Once customers find food items to order, they should be able to quickly add them to their cart. The cart button needs to be accessible and visible, such as Swiggy has a cart button with every food item.


  • Payment Methods – Payment is a very important feature for the food delivery business; thus, simple, secure, and multichannel payment methods are helpful.


Admin Side Features


  • Quick Login – Similar to the customer food delivery app, a login feature is required for restaurants to register with your portal.


  • Order Assigning – With the order assignment panel, restaurants can allocate order requests to the delivery person.


  • Dashboard – It is the digital dashboard from where you can manage your restaurants better. You can get quick order, delivery, and payment views from this dashboard.


  • Order Management – Restaurant owners can manage their information from this feature, such as name, menus, address, working hours, etc.


  • Miscellaneous Features – As per your budget, you can add multiple features to the admin food delivery app, including payment management, push notifications, new offers, and various business analysis features.


Delivery Person Side App


  • Registration – It is the first step for delivery persons to get register with your app after creating a custom profile, which is useful to verify the person.


  • Order Handling – This feature helps a delivery person to effectively check out the delivery requests.


  • Tracking and Navigation – To track the exact delivery location, the navigation feature guides delivery guys to make prompt and correct deliveries.


  • Status Update – The delivery person is responsible for updating status and keeps customers in the loop with the real-time delivery status.


  • Payment Handling – With this feature, the delivery person can receive and manage from the app.


Step 4. Prepare a Tech Stack


This is a technical part where food app delivery developers select the technologies to develop your app. The tech stack is prepared as per your feature requirements, but if you wish to develop a powerful app like Ubereats or Grubhub, you need technologies for:


Food Delivery App TechStack


  • Restaurant Listings — Swift, Android Studio, Java, etc.
  • Payment Gateway — PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, Amazon Pay, etc.
  • Tracking and Navigation — Google Maps
  • Development Tools — Puppet Labs, Brunch, Zap, Peloton, etc.


Step 5. Fix your Budget


Lastly, you need to fix your food mobile app development budget. You need to define your budget to your app development partner so that they can help you develop your app under your budgetary limits.


Usually, the on-demand food delivery app development cost depends upon the functions and features that you wish to embed in your app. However, if you want a rough overview, a basic food delivery app can cost around $12,000 – $20,000, whereas a more robust restaurant mobile app solution cost beyond $40,000.


Bottom Line


There’s no doubt that the online food delivery business has huge potential, but you have to adopt a unique approach to enter into this monopolized industry. You have to make a proper plan and partner with the innovative on-demand food delivery app development company to rule the market. And, if you want to make Arthonsys your partner, our food delivery app developer team is eagerly waiting for your call!


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