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Complete eLearning App Development Guide 2021: Preview of a New Learning System

Digital tools have played a significant role during the pandemic outbreak. Thanks to them, working and learning from home has been possible. Globally, many schools, colleges, and other educational institutions have opted for eLearning tools to support the academic system during the crisis. This, in return, pushed eLearning app development growth by 900%.


Clearly, if you want to develop an app in 2021, online learning is a great niche to pick. To get a full preview of education app development, read this guide till the end.


Why Invest in Online Learning App Development in 2021?


Like any entrepreneur, you are just interested in knowing — why the eLearning app is worth your money and time. So, let’s talk straight with the facts—



As statistics have shown you, investing in educational software development can offer high ROI in the coming years. So, let’s dig in further.


Major eLearning Business Models


E2C eLearning Model


Education to Consumers e-learning app development focuses on students who are looking to gain education knowledge. In this model, app developers collaborate with famous colleges and universities to provide their online courses worldwide. The basic thing required for this model:


  • Audio and video lectures
  • Online courses, blogs, and forum
  • Mobile version for easy access
  • Integrated payment system, etc.


E2B eLearning Model


Education to Businesses is a corporate training program that businesses use to train their employees. eLearning help businesses to save time, money and better retain their employees.


E2E eLearning Model


Education to Educators online education software takes teachers under their consideration. The shift in the physical classes has also challenged teachers to adopt the virtual learning system. Under the E2E model, you can create an app helping educators to tweak their teaching style according to the digital paradigm.


Types of eLearning App Development


Based on your idea and market research, you should create an innovative eLearning app to grow your revenue. For your inspiration, here are the most prevalent types of eLearning options:


  • Lesson-based learning: These are live instruction and self-paced progression apps. This is something like watching YouTube tutorials.
  • One-on-one learning: One tutor and student interact through a digital portal in this method. It is a personalized learning experience allowing students to receive answers to all their questions.
  • Group learning: It is a peer-to-peer learning program where students learn while socializing with one another.
  • Self-paced learning: Considering that every person learns differently, video-based self-learning apps are developed. These programs have pause, rewind, and forward buttons to allow people to learn at their own pace.
  • Game learning: To make learning interactive for kids, game-based learning is very helpful. Using popular games or cartoon characters, you can seamlessly teach complex lessons to students via your app.

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Popular Online Learning Apps




Using this eLearning app, students can take a virtual trip to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and McGill. Edx allows students to take part in virtual lectures, tests and personalize their learning schedule.




Udemy’s eLearning app covers almost all subjects, including Yoga, Banking, Web Design, Marketing, and so on. It contains over 32,000+ free and paid courses. Also, anyone can create a course and upload it on the app.




It is an American online learning community to learn from instructional videos. Skillshare courses are based on interaction rather than lectures. They have subscription courses focused on design, entrepreneurship, technology, art, and lifestyle.




It is an education startup that focuses on making learning fun for students. Byju’s app has engaging video lessons, mock tests, and sample papers for classes 7-12 for all Indian board exams. Recently, Byju’s has launched a pre-school level app to make learning interesting for young students.




Upgrad is a successful e-learning platform developed to help professionals grow in their careers with a distant learning program.


Benefits of Education App Development


  • Education apps present complex content in a simple manner that improves user retention rate.
  • Online learning promotes collaborative learning via connecting with the global community.
  • Apps make the learning process flexible as students are given various options to learn like videos, blogs, etc.
  • These apps intensely focus on making an interactive learning environment for the higher engagement of students.
  • Many apps involve parents in the learning process to keep them aware of their kids’ performance.


Main eLearning Software Development Challenges


  • Creating high-quality study content is a big challenge for app developers.
  • Developing engaging video classes requires proficient technical skills, from shooting a video to editing it.
  • Finding good tutors who are familiar with the eLearning module is a big challenge.
  • Fast and hassle-free streamline while distributing the application’s traffic across multiple servers in a server farm.
  • Partnering with the best educational software development company to build a dynamic elearning app. To team up with the competent eLearning app development company, you can contact Arthonsys today!

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Must’ve Features in your eLearning Mobile App


Features for Students


  • Easy login
  • Competitive subscription plans
  • Multiple payment options
  • Pick and view subjects
  • Option to search and filter courses and teachers
  • Live chat, video call, or consultation via a forum
  • Rates and reviews for courses and tutors
  • Notifications for new courses or scheduled classes


Features for Teachers


  • Registration
  • Create and manage profile
  • Dashboard to manage account
  • Push notifications to interact with students
  • Option to schedule live classes
  • Portal to answer students’ queries
  • Communicate with students via text, audio, or video


Features for Parents


  • Registration
  • Performance tracking
  • Course progress tracking
  • Consult with teachers
  • Check test results
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Push notifications alert
  • Attendance tracking
  • Students leaderboard


Features for Admin


  • Manage students and teachers
  • Manage courses and subjects
  • Adjust subscription plans
  • View earnings and user engagement reports
  • Publish community content

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Advanced Features to include in your eLearning App




Including augmented and virtual reality in your eLearning app development can help you create an interactive app. It will add practical aspects to theoretical concepts, which makes learning complex problems simpler.




Gamification is the ultimate way to make eLearning fun and engaging. It allows users to interact with educational material like they are playing a game. The gamification-based apps include points, leaderboards, rewards, progress bars, and so much more.


Artificial Intelligence


AI in education app development helps to personalize learning. It helps identify user behavior and learning style to offer personalized learning recommendations suiting a user’s needs. Additionally, voice assistance is also part of AI that allows students to communicate with the app easily. Besides that, AI lets teachers quickly grade and produce accurate results.


CRM Integration


Customer relationship management is important for eLearning apps to create a good report with students and teachers.


CMS Integration


High-quality content is a vital part of education software development, so integrate your app with a great CMS to frequently publish content for your users.


Tech stack required for full Education App Development


  • Programming languages — React.js, Node.js, React Native
  • Mobile SDK — Android, iOS
  • Push notifications — Twilio, Push.io
  • Payments — Braintree, PayPal, E-wallets, Stripe
  • Cloud — AWS
  • Streaming media — Helix Universal Server, Nimble Streamer, Wowza streaming engine
  • Real-time analytics — Spark, Hadoop, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM, BigData
  • Database — MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Mail Chimp Integration
  • SMS, Voice, and phone verification — Nexmo, Twilio


How to Monetize your eLearning App


  • In-app Ads: This is a popular app monetization strategy. You get paid to advertise specific services or products on your app.
  • Certifications: Under this method, the learner gets access to certification after paying the tuition fees.
  • Shop: You can offer different learning products and services to generate money like pens, files, pencils, or other digital learning tools.
  • Recommended list: You can collaborate with tutors and educational institutions to recommend their courses on your app.


How much does it cost to develop an eLearning app?


It is hard to predict an exact eLearning software development cost. Generally, eLearning app cost depends upon the following factors:


App Development Cost


  • The cost of eLearning app development rise or falls based on whether it is loaded with core features or advanced features.
  • Development cost also increase or decrease depending on the number of app development platforms. For example, the development cost of an Android app will be less compared to Android + iOS platform development.
  • ELearning app development company’s location.
  • Advanced tools and technologies used in app development.


Closing Thoughts


The new normal has really made eLearning a new normal way to study.  In these last few months, teachers and students have gotten used to virtual learning, and many are even planning to continue it after COVID-19.


That means if you have an idea to create an education app, 2021 is the right time to implement it. To do so, consult the Arthonsys team and resume your eLearning app development today without any delay!