Fantasy Cricket App Development

Mega Fantasy Cricket App Development Guide: A Revenue-churning Sport-based Business Model

59 million!


That’s the number of people engaged in fantasy games across the US and Canada. Not only that, even 20 million people in a small country like India are engrossed in fantasy games.


Fantasy sports apps are indeed a great new business model in 2021. Especially, fantasy cricket app development can fill your bank with money. That’s because 71% of fantasy players are involved with cricket betting games. Now, who doesn’t want to feel like Preity Zinta or Shahrukh Khan while buying their fantasy team players from an auction?


So, if you wish to enter into cricket betting app development services in 2021, let us walk you through the entire process. This guide covers all the essential components to develop your dynamic fantasy cricket app. So, let’s start the match…



What is Fantasy Cricket?


Have you watched IPL? Of course, you do. Then, you already know what fantasy cricket is; the only difference is it’s played online. That means you create a virtual team of real cricket players and win based on your players’ real-life performance.


Fantasy Cricket App Development


A fantasy cricket match is based on batting and bowling order. A small change in player order can change the course of the game. In short, everything is like a real cricket match, from a number of players to matches’ forms. But you are in the virtual world!


Usually, a fantasy app works something like this:


  • Log in to the app, go through OTP verification and select your match.
  • Now, you have to form your virtual cricket team. You need to select 11 players and three substitutes based on auction, offline drafting, or Serpentine methods.
  • Manage your team, elect a captain, and modify the team at any point during the game.
  • Your players receive points as per their performance. Obviously, the team with the highest point will win.



Fantasy Cricket Betting vs. Normal Cricket Betting


We all know that betting is illegal worldwide, but fantasy betting isn’t illegal. If you develop a fantasy cricket app, you aren’t breaking any law because:


  • Normal betting means simply putting in money and getting a reward; there’s no skill involved. On the contrary, fantasy betting is a game of skills and requires intensive knowledge to build a team.
  • Fantasy betting is exempted from gambling laws because it is categorized as a ‘Game of Skills.’
  • The winning amount is subjected to tax deductions.


Notably, fantasy betting isn’t illegal. But, many countries and states have banned it. Thus, you should go through your local gambling laws before starting your cricket betting app development.



Fantasy Cricket App Development: Profitable or Non-profitable in 2021 Based on Trends


Before diving into the fantasy cricket app development, you should take a look at the fantasy sports trends:


Industry Size



Revenue Curve


  • By 2024, fantasy sports user’s spending is projected to reach 62 billion.
  • In the US, daily fantasy sports revenue was $2.91 billion in 2019.
  • The Indian fantasy sports industry is expected to be worth $3.7 billion by 2024.



Popular Fantasy Games


We have already established that cricket is the most popular fantasy game. However, football, basketball, kabaddi, hockey, and baseball are also ruling the fantasy world.


Popular Fantasy Games


Popular Location


The US and Indian fantasy sports market is booming dramatically. But that doesn’t mean other countries aren’t running in the league. Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh, and many other countries are embracing fantasy sports culture.



Top Fantasy Game Apps


Knowing your competitors is the first step in building a new business model. With your fantasy cricket app development, you have to directly compete with:


Top Fantasy Game Apps





It is the oldest and most popular fantasy cricket app. With over 2 billion players and multiple sports, Dream11 is thriving in the industry. The app deals in almost every sport including, cricket, hockey, football, and more.




MyTeam11 was founded in 2016 by Vinit Godara and Sanjit Sihag. They have acquired 18+ million users with a free sign-up bonus and many other cash rewards within a short span.




MPL is a very popular app in India endorsed by Virat Kohli himself. The USB of the app is that they immediately transfer money to their users’ wallets.


FanDuel Mobile


It is a famous fantasy sports app in the US. The app is officially partnered with the National Hockey League. FunDuel provides many other services, including online casinos, horse race betting products, sportsbooks, etc.




Halaplay is definitely the best fantasy cricket portal. Millions of fans currently use the app. Swapnil Saurav develops Halaplay to reform the online cricket betting experience.



How Fantasy Sports Apps Make Money?


After knowing your competition, you need to select your business monetization method. It is essential to make a roadmap in advance to earn loads of money from your fantasy app. At Arthonsys, we follow a very simple approach — we understand clients’ requirements before customizing revenue generation plans for them. However, the common money-making methods for fantasy cricket apps are:


How Fantasy Sports Apps Make Money


Advertisements: Advertising is a common revenue method for apps. You can let other brands advertise their business through your app offerings.


Participation Fees: Many fantasy sports platforms host contests and allow users to win cash rewards. They fix a participation fee for users and use a portion of it to pay winners.


User Engagement Models: Large platforms like FunDuel let their users participate in multiple contests weekly. In return, they increase the fees collections from the league while entwining the participants for the completion.



Features to Include in Your Fantasy Cricket App Development


Finally, the most important part of fantasy cricket app development — features. You have to pay special attention while designing the app’s feature and should take guidance from a cricket app development company. Although, you can refer to the below-mentioned common feature chart.



Must-have Cricket Betting App User-side Features


Real-time Analysis: Users want fast results today. They want real-time analytics to improve their performance. Thus, do include live tracking or activity tracking features in your fantasy app.


Gamification: Using gamification features, you can increase user engagement levels. Allow users to participate in quizzes, prediction contests, or introduce minigames within the app.


Landing Page: The attractive landing page to complete the registration process. Design a landing page from the perceptive of a new user. This way, you can create a simple, crisp, and engaging page.


Profile Settings: This section lets the user customize their profile, check their reward points, account details, bonuses, etc.


Customization: Fantasy players want a realistic experience. Thus, provide customization options to them. From tournament customization to push notifications, you can offer customization facilities in multiple ways.



Must-have Cricket Betting App Admin-side Features


Dashboard: Admin dashboard must display all the relevant information. This includes upcoming matches, live matches, total earnings, and total participants. Also, the dashboard should let the admin update and manage the app.


Geo-tagging: With GPS monitoring, you can send personalized push notifications to users. If a tournament is starting in a region, you can notify users of that region.


CRM Platform: The fantasy app integrated with Customer Relationship Management reduces your half work. You can quickly take action on your users’ queries and provide excellent customer support to them.


User Manager: Through this section, user account management becomes super easy. Using the features, you can delete, edit, deactivate or initiate user accounts.


Earning View: Rewards are the best thing about fantasy sports app. This functionality lets the admin monitor the earnings of individual players.


Reports: The report management function allow the admin to generate various reports. The reports like earning, player ranking, etc.



Fantasy Cricket App Development Tech Stack


For generating a feature-jammed fantasy sports app, you required the following technologies and tools:


Fantasy Cricket App Development Tech Stack


Framework — Java, PHP, Flutter, React Native, C, Swift, or Kotlin


Database Management — MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, HBase


Front End — JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS


Cloud — Google Cloud, Azure


Payment Integration — PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, e-Wallets, Net Banking, e-Banking


Push Notifications — Twilio, Apple push notifications



How to Take Your Cricket Betting App Development One-step Ahead?


We have already established in the beginning that the fantasy app market is highly popular. Daily, many new brands are entering the market with an innovative approach to lure users. In this, if you wish to create a dynamic online cricket app, you have to take your development one step ahead, with:


Artificial Intelligence


Using AI, you can give new dimensions to personalization. You can use AI to suggest the contest to users based on their preferences. AI can also streamline the admin side by letting you know about your users’ behavior.


Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality


You can offer an immersive experience to your user with AR and VR-powered apps. Using smart glasses and 3D projections, you can better engage and entertain users.




Through Blockchain, you can offer high-end security to your users. With Blockchain, you can reduce fake transactions, personal information leaks, etc.


Social Media Integration


Your users want to share their points, rewards, and team progress over social media with their friends. So, connect your fantasy app with all the leading social media networks.



How Much Does Cricket Betting App Development Services Cost?


The fantasy cricket app development cost depends upon various factors, including — UI design, developer’s capabilities, app structure, development platform, advanced app features, and a lot more.


App Development Cost


Usually, a basic fantasy sports app with a user and admin panel costs varies between $8,000-$10,000. This is a development cost of a very simple app. If you want a full-fledged app like Dream11 or MyTeam11, the development price will be higher. Thus, to know the exact cricket app development cost, get a quotation on our website. After understanding your requirements, we will share the most reasonable rates with you.


Parting Thoughts


By now, you know how to develop a fantasy cricket app from scratch. If you are a little overwhelmed after grasping all this information, we empathize with you. It’s a lot of information to process at once. Therefore, if you want straightforward fantasy app development consultation, our doors are always open for you.


Fantasy Cricket App Development


Arthonsys process is very simple — we analyze your requirements, develop app development strategy and deliver your project. We move from the initial designing phase to the QA phase pretty fast. Moreover, we can design, develop and promote your fantasy cricket app together. So, drop your queries anytime to launch your fantasy app in 2021.