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Know Everything about OTT (Over-the-Top) App Development in Brief

There was a time when people would complete all their chores quickly so they can watch their favorite TV show on time. But all this is changed now!


Today, using OTT, aka ‘over-the-top’ platforms, viewers can watch online video content anytime and anywhere over high-speed internet connectivity. This video broadcasting method is so popular that roughly 2.13 billion people used OTT in 2020. And, this number is projected to reach 2.71 billion by 2025.


Also, with pioneers like Netflix and Amazon Prime making $25 billion and $25.21 billion respectively in 2020, the beneficial side of OTT app development is coming into the limelight.


In fact, today, not just OTT videos, but the overall video streaming market is projected to reach $102 billion by 2023. That’s because from building an online business reputation to making more revenue, videos will play a significant role in the future.


So, here if you wish to create your own OTT platform, you better start gathering information on video streaming app development instantly. For your ease, we have summed up the entire OTT app development process in this post. So, let’s get started now!


Step 1. Pick a niche


The first step in OTT app development is deciding what type of content you want to stream. Today, there are many profitable OTT app niches available, such as:


  • Entertainment: Netflix, Prime Videos, and HBO are OTT services that stream entertaining content like web series, movies, etc.
  • Health and fitness: Not only in VOD services but all over the web world, fitness and healthcare content is trending. You can stream yoga lessons, dance training, and many other fitness videos on your OTT app.
  • Education: Since study from home has become a new trend, the eLearning-based OTT apps are also gaining popularity.
  • Chat: You can include a video chat feature in your app to let users live-stream their videos like YouTube, Twitch, etc.


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Step 2. Hire OTT app development services


Once you selected a niche, the real technical work starts onwards. Therefore, you better hire a professional OTT app development service provider to help code, host, and design your app.


Although, you can hire an OTT app developer for a small amount of work. But if you are developing an OTT app from scratch, it is better to hire an OTT app development agency like Arthonsys. That’s because we have a complete app development team, including developers, designers, QA engineers, and marketers. On top of it, we can develop quickly and affordably on your demand.


Step 3. Select a monetization method


Now, you have to decide how you will earn money from your OTT app. For that, you have three options ahead of you:

earn money from your OTT app


  • Pay-per-view: It is a simple pricing model where the user pays for each video to watch. This method is great if you plan to broadcast premium content like trade shows, conferences, or sports events.
  • Advertising: In this method, you can charge other businesses for running ads on your platform. Unfortunately, this revenue strategy will only work if your platform gets highly famous.
  • Subscription: This is how Netflix and other popular OTT apps make money. They broadcast exclusive content on their portals and charge a monthly fee from users to access it. For the subscription method, you have to create a unique and exclusive video content library first.


Step 4. Video streaming technical specifications


You now need to decide on technical specifications for your OTT apps. Here your video streaming app development service partner can help you. Some of the basic technical requirements that you should consider are:


  • Internet speed: Internet speed is the primary factor that helps to stream on-demand videos. The minimum internet speed required to stream standard definition videos is over 2 Mb/s. However, to broadcast 3D, 4K, or HD videos, you need higher internet speed.
  • Cloud hosting: Using cloud hosting platforms, you will get a larger amount of space at affordable rates to stream your videos. Additionally, cloud computing helps with caching architecture, A/B testing, search engines, and so on.
  • Network connectivity: To scale up your app, you need to integrate CDN (content delivery network) into your services. The CDN can empower your app to handle significant traffic rush.
  • High-end security: It is essential to embed high-end technologies into your app to protect your content from unauthorized access. You should use third-party security sources for better security.
  • Payment gateways: To allow your subscribers to make payments through different options, you should integrate various payment solutions into your app. Some of the common payment getaway options are — Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, 2CheckOut, and many more.


Step 5. Create on-demand OTT app MVP


Finally, you have to create an MVP for your OTT app to test your online video streaming business model. At this stage, your hire OTT app developers will clarify all the vital features, set timelines, design interface, and so on.


Here you should pay special attention to your platform interface since seamless integration is the key to success in the OTT industry. Your platform should have an intuitive user interface that your users can easily navigate.


Apart from the attractive user interface, your app also needs the following features:


  • User registration page for new users to create their accounts on the platform.
  • User profile to set user’s name, profile picture, and other preferences.
  • Seamless subscription and check-out
  • Easy search for users to find their preferred content based on actors, movies, etc.
  • Push notifications about the subscription expiration, subscription renewal, subscription cancel or when a new episode air.
  • Reviews and rating facility so viewers can leave a remark on the content they have just watched.


Get your OTT App Developed Today!


So, folks, it just all takes five simple steps to launch your OTT platform and start making money. You just need a niche, robust video streaming app development team, and you are all set to rule the OTT world.  

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